Aurile Coffee & Tea

Aurile coffees and teas were created out of passion and professionalism. Beans and leaves with which the production process begins, come from the best plantations. Then we give them into the hands of prominent specialists who are at the same time enthusiast of the coffee and tea brewing art.

In response to unabated interest in the brand, we have decided to enrich our collection of coffees and teas with four new products. From juicy gardens of Fujian province we imported high quality Oolong blue tea, whose vanilla-peach aroma will surely delight you. For those passionate about classics, we have prepared royal Earl Grey loose leaf tea, with the addition of natural bergamot oil, cornflower petals, orange zest, and lemon myrtle. Having in mind enthusiast of coffee, we introduced two new flavoured products.

We encourage you to try out the unforgettable compositions of Arabica and Robusta in two versions: chocolate and hazelnut. In turn, the set of accessories has been broadened with dual-function French Press coffee brewer that will allow you to prepare aromatic coffee or tea in an easy and convenient way.

We wish you unforgettable sensations!